A sunken tragedy of 7 words


Sailors struggled,



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A freshly baked 7-word poem


Consoling Comforting



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The Hermit Crab

An Interesting Introvert

Very recently, I came upon a creature with an interesting story to tell and inspiration struck. This creature was none other than the hermit crab.

While many other creatures on the beaches and swamps seem boasted about not needing a shell, this interesting creature enjoyed carrying his little corner of solitude around with him. He’s a real introvert, a little shy about coming out, but he’s happy. (Who knows, maybe he’s writing a book in there. Haha. Shh….)

If he can be happy the way he is, what does that say about the other introverts out there then? Who’s to say they have to leave their shells?

Photo credit: “{unidentified} hermit crab – Ko Lipe / Thailand” by Rushen used under CC BY-SA 2.0

“Quick! Make A Wish”

The Night That Began Forever Story Snippet #3


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