Pappa’s Love

A poem by Amalia Abbar – Happy father’s day 2018 🙂

twinkling eyes,
dimpled smile,
he is wise,
with a style.

he’s my king,
(I, the crown),
loves to sing,
not to frown.

Pappa’s love,
is the best,
like a glove,
warms with zest.

Credits: ‘Pappa’s Love‘ © AmaliaAbbar 2018. All Rights Reserved.
Published on with Amalia Abbar’s permission and blessing.

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there. 🙂


Would you take another bite?

Photo credit: “Temptation” by Beshef used under CC BY 2.0

Again slithering, it arrives

Serpent with temptation,

Offer hard, impossible to resist

Us, consume fruit; fruit consume us

Resist, it’s futile; choke on the offer

Temptation: the belly-bulging serpent

arrives but will he win again?


Recipe included! 🙂

Pies Bread Candy


Brush butter



If this poem makes you want bread, here’s the recipe that inspired it. 😉

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Thank you and have a nice day! 🙂